So, you have been studying the word of God and are ready to have a little fun!  Theo Junior is the place to come!  Featured here are word jumbles, seek-n-finds, code puzzles, and other fun stuff for everyone, whether child or adult.  The purpose of these fun items is simple --- to help you remember what you have read and studied.  There is no grading of these activities.  Just have fun seeing what you remember.  If you don't remember or can't figure out something, just open your Bible, or check it online, for the answer!  Feel free to complete any of these activities at any time!  Print and share with your children or a friend who may want to participate in this course of study!  Enjoy!
Directions for Code Puzzle:Use the Code Legend in the Puzzle Code page above to decipher the message in the Acts 17 Code Puzzle page below.Try to complete it without looking at the answer, but if you must look, the message can be found in Acts 17:11.  Have fun!
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